“It is generally believed that the human brain perceives brands the same way it perceives people and personalities. I believe it is therefore in any creative agency’s best interest to think of advertisement or brand stories as parts of a biography.” - Me, just now.


My name is Viktor Heidermar and I'm a Hyper Island student and a aspiring copywriter from Karlskrona, Sweden. If I'd have to pick three things that I believe define me the most I'd have to say my love for fine arts and everything cultural, my innate calmness, and my inability to stick to one hair colour for more than six months (I'm working on it).

My goal for the near future is to find an internship at an agency where I can further develop my copywriter skills as well as be the disruptive changemaker my education has taught me to be.

If I've peaked your interest or if you have any questions, be it about me, my work, or how I dyed my moustache, do feel ever so free to send me an email and let's start a conversation. You can reach me at viktor.heidermar@hyperisland.se.

Have a good one!